ChainGenie Generate, Sign & Route Document (Advanced)

ChainGenie - Generate, Sign & Route Document (Advanced)

This API is the generic version of the "Generate document from template" API. Any template file can be uploaded (sample available as link for testing). If you just want to see how this would work - use the other call and just run it without any uploaded certificate. Upload a templated pdf with editable / filable fields and generate a document with automated sign and routing to a recipient. Every attribute that needs to be filled will need to be passed in the format - ex. course field to be substituted - field = attrib; value = ["course","course value"] or date field to be substituted - field = attrib; value = ["date","12/12/2016"]. If your fillable form has the field named "today", current time will be used for filling the value of that field. You will need to upload for the file attribute a real template file with fillable fields. For the sample values as configured, you can use the demo template available at Download this certificate and add it as your input file To route the document to recipient (optional) add field recipient with "key" of the recipient - available recipient in the system - 0xb3A214341df9560a3e09E256BfacefD6648f5Ca9 for your testing Use case - Upload an invoice template with fillable fields, add attrib values for all the fields that needs to be filled, add the recipient field - your invoice will be created, signed with your key (in production / in test it will be signed with the local admin key) and will be routed to the recipient (in production you can add your recipient / in sandbox - use recipient 0xb3A214341df9560a3e09E256BfacefD6648f5Ca9) Response will contain the document name, signatories, timestamps, recipient, IPFS hash (handle to retrieve the actual document) The document hash will be posted on blockchain and the actual document will be added to IPFS. Want to retrieve your document? Check out the API - Write & Retrieve - Docs (IPFS).

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ChainGenie provides a plug and play platform that helps you connect your existing (or create new) applications to DLTs for lodging and workflow management using a simple easy to use user interface. ChainGenie is a platform to create blockchain apps that provide speed-to-market for companies looking to launch faster, rather than reinvent the wheel. Write your applications to run on popular Blockchain networks like Ethereum, Bitcoin Blockchain etc with great ease when you require to validate credentials or make your existing traditional applications use the power of DLT and blockchain overnight!

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curl -v -h "header{header_value}""{streamdata_token}"

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