Box Update Folder, Create Shared Link, Create or Delete

Box - Update Folder, Create Shared Link, Create or Delete

Used to update information about the folder. To move a folder, update the ID of its parent. To enable an email address that can be used to upload files to this folder, update the folder_upload_email attribute. An optional If-Match header can be included to ensure that client only updates the folder if it knows about the latest version. Used to create a shared link for this particular folder. Please see here for more information on the permissions available for shared links. In order to get default shared link status, set it to an empty access level, i.e. {"shared_link": {}}. In order to disable a shared link, send this same type of PUT request with the value of shared_link set to null, i.e. {"shared_link": null} To add or remove an item from a collection, you do a PUT on that item and change the list of collections it belongs to. Philosophically, this is similar to the way ???move??? operations work on files and folders: you do a PUT on the item and change its parent. It???s the same idea with collections, except you???re changing which collection(s) the item belongs to instead of the folder it belongs to. Currently the only collection available is the favorites collection, and you???ll need to know it???s ID for the user that is making the API call, since every user has a different favorites collection_id. The Add/Remove API handling will check all ids passed in before performing any add/removal operations. If any collection ids are malformed or do not exist in the user???s account, the API call will throw a 400. Only if all of the collection ids are valid will the adds and removals be carried out.

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Curl command through

curl -v -h "header{header_value}""{FOLDER_ID}?X-Sd-Token={streamdata_token}&fields={field_value}"

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